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Pyxis Replacement Trays

Genuine Replacement Trays for Pyxis Liners

"H+H Pyxie" trays last 20 times longer than the Pyxis liners. Why? Original Pyxis Liners were never intended for

repeated replacement & removal. H+H Pixie Trays include flexible dividers that won't fall out and access ports for easy lifting!

1 3/8" High Tray for  Pyxis 860000AJG0
24 compartments

$117.07 each


1 3/8" High Tray for  Pyxis 860000AJG1
48 compartments

$179.66 each


4" High Tray for  Pyxis 860000AJG3
24 compartments

$208.60 each


Need help ? 1-800-477-2123

4" High Tray for  Pyxis 860000AJG4
48 compartments

$213.32 each


760 Beechnut Drive,Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania,15205
Phone 1-800 477-2123